About ATA Region 109

ATA Region 109 proudly encompasses Colorado, New Mexico, and Western Kansas.  We take pride in offering the very best Taekwondo instruction and schools to our students and communities.

As a region, we come together to host four tournaments each year that draw participants from all over the United States.  In addition, our schools offer a variety of camps and workshops that help our students enhance their Taekwondo abilities.

We put a strong emphasis on molding leaders for tomorrow and providing all the region’s students with a positive environment.  To learn more about ATA Region 109 visit one of our schools.

ATA Region 109 Leadership includes:

  • Chief Master Dan Thor
  • Chief Master Candidate Ramsey Cross
  • Senior Master Corina Black
  • Senior Master Joel Bass
  • Master Patty Lorenz
  • Master Steve Lucero
  • Master Kevin Rogers
  • Master Jon Runge
  • Master Kenny Overby
  • Master Joey Overby
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